My Mental Illness

I have been diagnosed with Delusional Disorder. []

Delusional Disorder sucks. But I’m doing better. 

At one point, I thought my family was sex trafficking me. I also thought I was getting subliminal messages from a music video. There’s more there, but it’s painful to talk about. I can’t believe I flipped like that. It could have been worse.

My delusions, as well as my psychotic-related behaviors such as skin picking, have improved since I started taking Seroquel, and then Abilify. I have scars on my arms from skin picking. It’s a little embarrassing. 

I take Seroquel at night to help me to sleep and Abilify during the day to keep my head on straight but it makes it hard to sleep so I continue taking the Seroquel even though my psychiatrist wants me on only one antipsychotic medication due to the the side effects, including diabetes. Yikes.

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